Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bloog challenge

I wrote quite a few blogs don't know how much exactly. All but like maybe 3 were for school and would not have been written if it wern't for my teacher said so. My blog entitled newset blooging challenge receved 3 comments and beat all of my othe post with comments atleast. It wouldn't let me see the comments but it said have 3 so I can't answer why more people commented on that one verses others but I don;t know why they comented. i didn;t really enjoy writing any post. The ones where i got to talk about my religion were the best because well I like to talk about that. I didn't change my blog theme because i like this one and I never take the time to mess around with this site alot. I have a lot of wegets I think they are kinda cool some I think are pointless so if I have to many or not is a personaly oppion choice in my oppion and I don't think I have to much or to less.
Now to review anothers blog I choose allisons. She did pretty good I luv her pics and she did all of her work and did a lot of info in her posts but I think it is kinda boring I think she need to have more clolor and bollet points and fun stuff to make it more appealing to the eye.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bloogchallenge: interent

25% of teen ager own cell phone. i have a cell phone. i my home i have to have it on me at all times incase of emergency. other arn;t allowed to have one until they can drive and have a job. I think if is funny how parents have such diffrent views. Lots of kids luv the interent and phone. libaray have free wifi and the interents which kids luv.

tons of people luv txting. i am bad at txting.

drving and txting is unsafe. man if you did that and your killed someone how would you feel??? rember that the next time you want to to txt while driving. its best to go the the curb or park in aparking lot. 1 in 3 teen have txt while driving.

Pic are fun to take with a phone.

Town of people are checking and updateing there face booka dn such. studys show that while you do so you are mosr likly to be shy adn quit and what not b/c of lack of open counication

Friday, April 23, 2010

newest bloging challenge

We have to add new blogs to are blog post. THeres this one blog that I like. SHe has a very cute lil piggy on it its soooo cute. Her blog is called crystalpistol. She also did a good job with her blog post. AstridhkAB blog is nice too. In that persons blog he wrote about how he has improved. It is always good to know that you do have weaknesses and to work on them. The wrighter of 'Maddies2016" Is a very good wrighter with the little that I did read of her post. She uses detal and is good at it. Kolette has some interesting topics that she wrights about on her blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloging challenge

we have to find blogs for a blogroll. I am either very stupid or there is no way to realy find blogs on this site. I for one thing find blogs boring, all you can do hit the nest blog button and you repeats what you want and majoyity of the blogs i was were about pigs and sheep. Yeah it boring no offence to farsmers.

On girl in my class who blog is hannuh in the flesh. Her blog should be looked at b/c she has a bloging spirit so her stuff is interesting.

Hollies blog is good b/c she dose her homework. I don;t know who holly is but thats ok.

it is so hard to fine blogs on the school comp. they are so lanm. they block to much stuff!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

blogging challange: cc

Do I need a CC? I'd say no. All I ever use this blog for is school. The stuff that I post I don't really Have anything important on this blog. It;s all class assinments.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Animal farm

In my reading class we are reading animals farm. It is about the rusenion revelution, only in animals perspection. the pigs lead a rebelion because they are the wises. all is good until nepoleion takes control in a negative way... wa ha ha ha(evil laugh).

Monday, March 22, 2010

earth hour why just one hour?

earth hour is on a day where people alover the world will turn off their lights to save on electisity to help the world.

If the earth is so important to have one Hour of a little help why not have more hours? You can save a lot of money you you electisity bill I am alread on the topic of electrisity and earth why not recyle? By reusing stuff you save money. It can also save time because you arn't wasting time looking for a object to replace it.

I think it's pretty lame how us humans can ruin are earth. Seriousey we have been misusing it and we can;t even fix it no matter how hard we try, only God can do that. He promises that he will in the futur.

Here is a link to a book that is on the web that you can read for free. It talks more on the topic on how God will undo the negative effects on the earth and many other promises of his and why we can have faith they will get done through Gods Kingdom . one chapter that talks about it more is this one.